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RecoverX Contrast Knee Device

$249.00 $399.00 saving $150.00

RecoverX Contrast Knee Device

$249.00 $399.00 saving $150.00
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Whether you’re recovering from knee surgery, in chronic knee pain, or maintaining peak athletic performance, the RecoverX Contrast Knee makes high-quality knee care easier than ever. It gets “ice-cold” or “heating pad hot” in under 60 seconds at the touch of a button, without the usual mess and hassle.

Alternative options for cold and heat therapy are too difficult and impractical to rely on consistently. Invest in the future of your knee care by being among the first people in the world to have your own RecoverX device, and get back to being active in the ways that you love.

Technical specifications

  • Weight & Dimensions

    11"x10" cooling and heating surface area

    12"x15" overall device size

    1.5 lbs

  • Sizing

    One standard size with strap attachments

    Package includes: 

    1 set of strap shorteners

    1 set of strap extenders

  • Temperature Control

    5 custom temperature settings

    1° of precision

    Multiple measures built in to prevent overheating or cooling

  • Battery Life and Charging

    1 hr on max cold

    1.5 hrs on max hot 

    2.5 hrs to fully recharge

    Capable of running from an outlet